Why is sustainability important?

Why is sustainability important?

Sustainability – Automatic Composting Machines

Every forward looking company, business, organization or entertainment operation, is now
looking at themselves, to make sure that their operational model, is “fully aware and completely
respectful of the environment, and is therefore fully sustainable.” HWiL is dedicated to
sustainability and lies at the forefront of our rN automatic composting machines

Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem and preserves natural resources for future generations. In the corporate world, sustainability is associated with an organization’s holistic approach, taking into account everything, from manufacturing to logistics to customer service.

Key Sustainability Points

  • Huge reduction in carbon footprint, zero requirement for landfill and promoting a vastly improved
    environmental agenda.


  • Our composting technology uses a natural aerobic process, it does not add to the vast build-up of
    greenhouse gases and it uses oxygen and produces no methane.


  • HWiL’s rN composting machines only require electric for their daily use and no other consumable,
    including no water usage. Solar panels can be used to provide a sustainable electric source.


  • Reduces waste by up to 80-90% & therefore leaves 10-20% residue as a hughly nutritious compost/
    fertiliser to be re-used on the ground, ie. to grow more food.


  • Processes and composts ALL ORGANIC & BIODEGRADABLE WASTE, and doing so in a fully sustainable way.
HWiL composting machines by VERSA sustainability