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Composting Machines

what is a composting machine?

What is a composting machine?

A organic waste composting machine is a device that faciliates the breakdown of organic waste into a useable compost to recycle waste and reduce landfill. It takes all types of organic and food waste as its input and provides a nutritious compost as its output. By using an automatic composting machine the composting process of…
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BBC Spotlight HWiL composting machines

BBC Spotlight coverage on HWiL Composting Machine in South Devon

An exciting feature on BBC Spotlight, 14.02.2022 on the HWiL composting machine currently being used at a farm and cafe in South Devon. Food waste is a increasing issue with landfill and costs, HWiL is changing that with our rNature composting machines to recycle food waste and give back to the land. https://youtu.be/fVT2ME5ZgPI