Postive Thinking – Tackling Food Waste

Postive Thinking – Tackling Food Waste

Tackling Food Waste

Horse Weigh International understands the real urgency in tackling food waste.....

As we grow as a country and World the amount of food waste we produce is forever increasing and we are one company recognising the importance of tackling this devastating issue.

Why do we need to step in??
  • A radical but practicial solution is needed
  • 1/3 of all food produced is left to waste
  • In the UK alone 10 Million tons of food is wasted every year
  • Our food waste contributes to 10% of green house emissions
  • 85% of all supermarket food wasted is thrown out due to its best before or expiry date
  • People don’t use their food common sense as much as we used too. Using look, smell & taste to determine if food is safe to eat.
  • The food safety act 1990 has food retailers making food best before dates shorter

Facts sourced from Radio 4 Program ‘Positive Thinking – Tackling Food Waste” 05/01/2020 8pm

Horse Weigh International is comitted to bringing a trusted and effective solution to reducing food waste across the World with our Organic Composting Machines.

Full details can be foundon our RN page.


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