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CoDi Bot UGV robotic technology to Europe to combat COVID-19

What is CoDi Bot UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) ?

The rapid spread of global pandemic COVID 19 gave rise to several technologies designed with the initial sole purpose of containment and eradication of the viral threat.

Marakeb Technologies, autonomy experts and developers of robotic technologies, were called on by the UAE government to design and manufacture systems that can aid with this global calling.
Purposely designed to bring back the public’s sense of security to resume their old routines: work, school, exercise and travel, and draw people back to sporting event’s and public venues, the COVID DISINFECTING ROBOT [CoDi Bot for short] was planned, tested and manufactured for immediate operations to bring this notion to reality.

The CoDi Bot is operated remotely, ensuring that sweeps and disinfection protect our first responders from risk of contamination. The robot can be outfitted with various equipment such as fever-sweep cameras and disinfection UVC lights.

CoDi Bot UGV: Applications and Features

• Sports Venues/Facilities disinfection
• School disinfection
• Hospital disinfection
• Mall disinfection
• Nursery disinfection
• Airport disinfection
• Bars and Restaurant disinfection
• Gyms
• Hotels

• MAP Pro Our core technology enables the operator to remotely control and operate the robot and its onboard equipment UVC lights and MAP IR3 camera from anywhere with a WiFi /4G connection.
• MAP IR3 enables the operator to assess large crowds for high fevers, a key symptom of Covid , and for non mask violators to mitigate against the spread of the virus.
• UVC, a technology that has existed for decades and is the leading disinfection method against the virus, breaks down its chemical compound, thereby eliminating its ability to reproduce.

CoDi Bot UGV
is helping the World to fight

When the Covid 19 pandemic spread across the globe and caused major disruption to everyone’s way of life,

Marakeb Technologies decided to use their engineering and robotic prowess to create an unmanned vehicle that can help fight, kill and contain the virus.

Integrated with our MAP IR3 dual camera system , MAP PRO patented unmanned systems and UV C disinfection lights ; the CoDi bot acts as both sword and shield against Covid 19. 
CoDi Bot features innovative and patented technology, Patent Number: GB2554689. 

Able to scan up to 300 people per minute, give audio and visual information to the operator and disinfect large areas pre and post event, the CoDi Bot is a must have tool for facilities that wish to re open

CoDi Bot UGV:
Technical Specifications

CoDi Bot Technical Specifications


Fever is an early sign that people might have Covid 19. The MAP IR3 can rapidly scan crowds for raised body temperatures.
• The autonomous system automatically adjusts and adapts to the surrounding ambient temperature without any human intervention.
• A built in sophisticated detection algorithm accurately identifies febrile subjects, issues audible alerts upon detection, and auto tracks to identify the subject.
• An intuitive dual display provides easy target identification, simplifies operation, and minimizes handling. With continuous video recording option, operators can use the recorded videos to run post screening data reports.
• Equipped with a dual thermal camera coupled with intelligent tracking UI the MAP IR3 provides an essential security solution for any modern organization seeking to safeguard human assets and sustain business operations during a pandemic outbreak.

• Non Contact rapid screening
• Large area of detection, 300 people per minute.
• Multipoint temperature measurement.
• Cross infection avoidance.
• Automatic alarm capture.
• Facial recognition capture.
• Continuous video recording and playback.

MAP IR3 Technical Specifications

UVC Disinfection System

• The CoDi Bot comes equipped with four UV C ( High intensity Ultraviolet lights ) attached to the tower.
• This short wave ultraviolet light disrupts DNA base pairing, causing formation of pyrimidine dimers (molecular lesions), thereby leading to the inactivation of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.
• The lights are to be used for the disinfection phase of the operation and only when no humans are present.
• The lights can be controlled by the operator at the command centre through WIFI.
• The lights offer a full 360 degrees area of effect up to 7 meters radially.

UV-C Lights: Techinical Specifications

UV-C Lights Data CoDi Bot

Key Clients

Al Forzan International Sports Resort Abu Dhabi

The CoDi Bot is currently deployed at Al Forzan International Sports Resort Abu Dhabi.

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Abu Dhabi International Airport

Marakeb Technologies have supplied Abu Dhabi International Airport with the CoDi Bot.
Read their published article on CoDi Bot below.

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CoDi Bot UGV in action at
Al Forsan International Sports Resort

Shareef Hashim Al Hashmi
CEO of Abu Dhabi Airport UAE

“Introducing CoDi BOT UGV at Abu Dhabi International Airport reflects our commitment to adopting innovative technology, which can bolster the protection of our passengers and frontline staff against viruses. By deploying artificial intelligence, it adds another layer of protection and builds on our comprehensive response to the COVID 19 outbreak.’

CoDi Bot UGV Videos

Watch CoDi Bot UGV in action to help fight against COVID19.


High intensity Ultraviolet lights are attached to the tower.


CoDi Bot UGV scanning a facility for infection.


Rapid Temperature Screening System for COVID-19

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Independent Microbiology Test Report and Antibacterial Efficacy of Ultraviolent Germicidal Irradiation of the UV Lamp Report are available to back up our claims with CoDi Bot UGV, and are available on request.